I am in UK as dependent of my wife who is student

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I am currently in the UK since October 2023 as a dependent of my wife who is a student. Our BRP expiry is December 2024.

On the Tech Nation application, there is a question about “Switching from which route”.
Should I choose student visa or other?

if you’re applying, it’s dependant. if she’s the one applying, it’s student.

Thank you for the prompt response. I am applying but in the options it doesnt have dependent, it only has others.

Also, do you by any chance know if we can upload more than 3 recommendation letters? I was told its best to have more than 3 but now that I check Tech Nations portal, you can only upload 3. Is that correct?

In the LOR section, you can have only three, but you can use reference letters in your evidence (just not the same ones)

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Use other. You are not in student visa so best to select other.

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Thanks. Can you kindly also check this if possible? I posted it last week but no one answered :frowning: