I am early in my career

Hi guys,

I found out about the global talent visa a few months ago and I decided it will be much better than a skilled immigration visa but here’s my dilemma.

I got into tech in 2020 with almost zero guidance and found myself in the network engineering field. I did that for about 9 months of which what was promised didn’t happen, so it was just us monitoring for practice all through. Then I left and decided to get a graduate position, to enable me learn and integrate properly. After 6 months, I realized network engineering wasn’t what I wanted and took some career research and finally found myself in software engineering. One month into learning and seeing it was exactly where I would rather be, I left my job to fully immerse myself in the learning. I’ve been doing this since January of this year. I applied for a software engineering apprenticeship in the uk and after 5 months of recruitment process and passing the assessments, I got dropped and the recruiter told me, they couldn’t sponsor for that role ( getting this job offer was what I hoped would be my biggest supporting document).

I have never spoken in Public, in short, I was an extreme introvert who would have intense panic attack when I was asked to talk in front of the class. All of these things were things I picked out to work on when I took time off work to get better all round before applying for a job in software engineering.

I have spent the whole of this year working on everything like my soft skills, my technical skills and more. It’s been a very very long road and I also through it all completed my masters degree. After 6 months of self learning and improvement, I started a bootcamp to fill in the Knowledge gap I currently have ( of which I would be done in November).

I know I am a promising talent but I don’t know how else to show it. I’ve been advised by everyone I’ve spoken to, to do it regardless. I currently have a job where I have my basic pay plus stock options. I have my other job contracts. I have blog posts, I made to help others as it took me a lot of trial and error to find good resources. I help others as well
But not officially with contract to show mentorship. I’ve realized how much of a problem solver i am as now I am steady looking for how to optimize every technology I come across or is it spotting the problem that could be solved at every point. I currently lead a group at my bootcamp to build a project and I also have been mapping out the process for some projects ( problems I discovered while traveling ).

I don’t want to rush any of the things I’m doing because of the visa, I want to take my time with building my project and I’ve been preparing for interviews at this point. I know I’m a promising talent and I want to apply in September. I was told by someone that what matters most is how I sell my story! I’m really hoping you guys can help me out in telling me how to go about things. I have a draft of my statement and I already have 2 people for recommendations ( working on the third now). Please help me.


From what you’ve written it seems you’ve read the TN guide at least once. You’ll need to read it so many more times because the guide is the “interface” through which you will show and tell your story to TN. That’s the only way they’ll understand it and what is required is quite clear.

The stories of most promising and talented individuals (using TN’s terms) started out in a similar way to yours. They started and kept going no matter what. Keep the confidence, make sure you don’t lie to yourself, and get your evidence presented based on TN’s guide.

Once you have selected the criteria you are going for, you can share a summary of your evidence for people here to look at and give feedback based on their own experiences. I wish you all the best.


While you are still in the early phase of your career, I would advice you genuinely contribute to Open source software and Stackoverflow. Work on building and growing your personal projects.
Everything I submitted in my application was done in my own personal capacity. I got endorsed.

Just like you, I am introverted. Good thing, you must not be a public speaker to qualify.
Search the forum to learn more about the type of documents[evidence] successful applicants submitted.



I went through yours and it gave me more clarity! Would you mind talking in the dm about some open source and how I can go about it ? I’m currently actually working on a WhatsApp bot for work which is outside of the scope of my duties ( I’m struggling but we move regardless). I’m thinking of basing my entire application on my continuous growth and plans. My job is a product led company and I’m working with my manager to move completely into software In a few months. My job completely supports this and relocation as well and my total compensation falls under then ‘high salary’ in the country I’m in.

Congratulations on your endorsement, I hope everything goes for you as planned.

Thank you again!

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. I’m definitely doing this now and I’ll be back once I get it together in a few weeks.

I Appreciate everything.