I am about to submit but need some clarification on a specific statement in the TN guide

This statement is under the document checklist section of the TN guide:

  • You must provide evidence of any commercially successful established businesses, share ownership or businesses dissolved in the last 5 years where you have been a founder or senior executive.

It relates to the 10 pieces of evidence.

I currently run a startup I founded and I am on the board of another startup. I do not intend to use any of these companies in my 10 pieces of evidence but they appear on my CV. The reason is that they have relatively less traction than other evidence I have to satisfy MC/OC2/OC3.

Here is my question: Must I still provide evidence of share ownership for these businesses and if yes which criteria will they fall under?

Is TN saying that you must provide evidence of share ownership of any company you are involved with in last 5 years or only if you use these companies as part of your evidence?

… of any commercially successful established businesses…
Since you consider your startup and the other business relatively not commercially successful. I think you can exempt them in the pieces of evidence.

But I’d also advise that you wait for the advice of more experienced members here.


Thanks for your response @4rmSlum2uk. The tricky part is that in addition to

  • “any commercially successful established businesses”

it also lists:

  • “share ownership” or
  • “businesses dissolved”

So it seems it applies to either one of these. Let’s see what others have to say.

if you have other evidence, you don’t need to show evidence of your company ownership. If you have to use it, you can use it in OC3.

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Thank you Francisca.