"How will you contribute to the tech sector?" Do products count as contribution?

So I think the question is straightforward. I am the co-founder of a tech company which clocks in high revenue and also has a good growth rate. We have two products in our portfolio. An end-end restaurant pos system with some IOT capabilities and another is a shopify competitor. We have big brands as customers.

Now obviously by moving to the UK, I can expand to a new market and help restaurants and e-commerce merchants benefit by using our product. Does this count as contributing to the tech sector? TBH, I don’t really have any plans in publishing some technology library to Github or building some open source platform or publish any research papers. So what exactly do they mean contribute to the UK tech sector?

Outside your day to day job. How do you plan to advance the digital technology sector in UK? A a leader what do you currently do to advance the tech sector and are likely to continue in the UK?