How to use Docusign for recommendation letter

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Please, I want to be sure of how to do sign the recommendation letter using docusign. Do I need to do anything from my own computer like send the recommendation letter to the recommenders via docusign website OR Is it just the recommender that needs to do everything like sign using the docusign and send to me?

Thank you in anticipation of your advice.

Shouldn’t matter. I used a different provider and created a request for my referree to sign.

Quick question - is the use of of a digital signature service compulsory or is it just an option available?

Letters of recommendation can be created using a digital signature service (such as DocuSign or similar service), enabling the inclusion of the document log file that clearly indicates the letter’s author and signature originated from a different IP address to the applicant. Letters must uploaded on Tech Nation’s Application Platform.

Based on the guideline, it states “can” not must, or am I wrong?

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Thank you. Should I CC myself when I am sending the the recommendation letter to my recommender OR does it automatically send me a copy of the signed recommendation letter to my email once it is signed by the recommender?

I don’t know docusign specifically but probably you would get some sort of notification and you can download it from the web site or from the email.

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Yes you don’t have to. I used pandadoc which is free for personal use. It makes the signing easier for referees instead of printing and scanning.

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Thank you, @vudu. I have used docsusign. I guess we don’t need need to attach the docusign certificate?

It should be included I think as it has the signature info.

The signed recommendation letters have IP address of the recommender. That’s why I am considering not adding it. Are people adding the docusign certificate of upto 5 pages each?

It will make the document to be too long. What do you think? How many pages is your docusign certificate?

I used Docusign for my LoR, as well as reference letters I used as a part of my 10 pieces of evidence. I did not attach the Docusign certificate.