How to submit an appeal?

Hi guys! I would really be grateful if those who have appealed could share their experience with filling out the form.
I am struggling with the Endorsement Review form ( The windows where I can paste my explanations are very small. Is there any way to enlarge those windows? Can I add an additional window? Has anyone tried pasting more text than can be seen on the screen? There are a lot of things I’d like to explain and I just do not understand how to fit everything in those 4 small boxes…

Thanks for your help in advance!

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You need to utilise in provided space only. You cannot go beyond window.

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@Linda I am sorry to hear that it did not work out.

As @Alexandr mentioned, you will be able to use those small boxes to appeal only.

Basically, you should not copy and paste what you have in the evidence into the appeal form. Tech Nation will prefer you to point them to the specific file and paragraph, for them to reread it. Remember that you will NOT be able to add new evidence or new knowledge outside of the evidence. You will need to focus on the mistake of the assessor only.

I hope this helps

H @Alexandr, My suggestion would be to file a new application if you had missed any evidence or supporting documents. Also, the feedback shared by Tech Nation team is very useful. They usually mention what was missing. You can work on that and provide pieces of evidence with stats and figures in the new application.

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