How to show information that's in another currency?

Hi TechNation alumni, hoping you’re fine

Taking a look at the guidelines by Tech Nation is shows that every evidence should be if possible converted to GBP.

In my case I’m from Colombia and the information is or in Colombian Pesos or USD as exception.

How can I show the required information in GBP so I put the information correctly?

Thanks in advance

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Write the converted currency somewhere in the document. For example 100GBP = 503818COP

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Thanks Ajay for your help

If there is a table of earnings or salaries, I recommend to add two more columns, one is for exchange rate and one is for corresponding GBP, don’t forget make the evaluator’s life easier. If it’s just an amount in your explanation or reference letter, you could write corresponding GBP in parantheses.

At least, this is what I do for my application, good luck with yours.

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