How to show contributions as a team leader?

Hey Guys, i was wondering , that how do I show contribution in a company as a leader.

Because I am not doing hands-on coding but rather guiding people on how to make the architecture and correct process.
co-ordinating between teams to highlight missing things.

any ideas? how to proceed with this?

I assume you’r e referring to OC3. I’m a Data Platform team lead and this is what I used:

  • GitHub contribution - Some coding, some PR reviews to show that I check and contribute to other people’s work.
  • A project to change a core database technology, starting from the need, presentations to R&D leadership and all the way to production.
  • A load testing process that I lead and managed that contributed to system stability and cost reduction. The process included multiple Dev teams.

I made sure that the LoR’s from managers in my company back up the second and third points to make sure it’s not only self authored evidence.

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the LOR you used to back these up, were they the ones which were from high level CEO,CTO?
or you added some for backing up the evidence?

Yes, I asked the high level recommenders that wrote the letters of reference to include the projects that I worked on and contributed to the company.

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When showcasing your contribution for a Global Talent Visa endorsement as a leader, focus on demonstrating your impact in guiding and coordinating teams, here are a few ways you could go about it:

  1. Highlight leadership initiatives you have taken and the successes of the teams you’ve led or collaborated with showcasing how your guidance and collaboration contributed to the success.
  2. Provide quantifiable metrics if possible to show the positive outcomes of your leadership e.g. case studies or examples of projects where your leadership was instrumental in achieving significant results
  3. Highlight any initiatives you’ve spearheaded to develop the skills and capabilities of team member

Thank you so much @May .
The first point by you is where I am confused.

How can I provide proof of showcasing guidance? calls with the people?
because it is having calls, coordinating with people and discussing their strategies and highlighting places of improvement