How to select shorter visa term for a dependent?

Hi all,

I’m struggling with my dependent’s visa application, and would greatly appreciate your advice.

I got the exceptional promise endorsement and have already submitted my visa application for a 5 year term. My partner (dependent) is about to submit his visa application. However, we decided that his will be a for shorter period.

Below is a screenshot of the last application page before one is taken to the IHS payment page. For the love of me I don’t know where to specify my dependent’s intended visa expiry period.

I’m mighty confused because it is explicitly stated that the section you see on the screenshot should be filled with the information on the main applicant. Any advice on where to indicate dependent’s shorter visa period?


Are you applying from the inside UK? If you are from inside the UK, you should mention the visa expiration date and type it here.


Applying from the outside.

I will show you my application over the google meet call, are you available I will be happy to talk with you over the meet.

here is my email id

Upd. Topic sorted - had to apply for the full term for the dependent, same as the main applicant.