How to prove product-led?

I got a rejection, but the decision maker mentioned the main idea of the rejection: “You are not from a product-oriented company, but doing outsource” :slight_smile: .
My company is 100% product-led. Has anyone come across the same reason? I’m hoping for a proper review, and I’ve already filed for an appeal…
But I still want to understand how to properly prove that a company is product-led company? (I need this because if the appeal is rejected, I will apply one more time)

What I did in my previous application:

  1. briefly described our products on 1 page (since there are about 10 of them)
  2. all the recommenders confirmed the availability of the products, two wrote briefly that they liked the deep analytics in them, that it was innovative, and the third even said that he created one of the products with me.
  3. The resume contains links to our mob. Application in Google and Apple, as well as screenshots where you can see how our client advertises our application.

I need an opinion on what else I can do and how to generally prove the company’s product -led’s direction of the company?

Perhaps I had this problem because:

  1. I really have a lot of products (ecosystem)
  2. our clients are retail companies (medium and small). We help them compete with large retail companies. We create various IT products for retail, and they can buy them by subscription.

I will be grateful for your opinions.

You need to submit your full list of evidence to give an idea what the issue is.