How to follow up with home nation for stage 1

Friends - may I know how to follow up with home nation on the endorsement as I have completed 3 weeks today since the application submission and out of curiosity I thought I should make one follow up , which I’d should I send an email to and what reference number should be used ? Is there any specific heading required ?

Tech Nation explicitly does not provide any updates on the status of your application. 3 weeks is not an exact estimate either, but most applicants get it within 3 weeks ± 1 week.

Tech Nation has 8 weeks to process your application, afterwards you will be able to reach out to them via their email address in case they wouldn’t produce a decision by then

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Thanks , shall wait anyways

Please keep us posted when you get your endorsement!

But you are not allowed to send reminders. They will get back to you within the 7weeks mark. I applied around the same time with a friend and she got hers in 9 days and mine came 3 weeks and 2 days.