How to contact UK Tech Nation team?

Hi all,

I made a mistake in my Unique Application Number (UAN) in the application. The UAN is correct in my Tech Nation account but it is incorrect in the actual submitted application (Application Form
OFFICIAL DETAILS section). I would like to contact UK Tech Nation team to inform them about this issue and the correct number. However I can’t find any way to contact them directly except for “” which is a general purpose email address. Can anyone let me know if there is any proper way to let them know about my issue?


Start a new application by creating it on tech nation. I don’t know if that would complicate the issue but that’s the only option I can suggest now

thanks for the answer!

Do you know if I have to delete my current application before creating a new one? or can I have two “active” applications? I would like to make sure the new application is all correct and completed before killing the existing one.

Best to email home office to let them know about the issue. They will contact tech nation about it.

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