How much salary is considered as "exceptional"

My application was recently rejected. One of the rejection reasons for MC was “earns a respectable but not exceptional salary”. My total package (base + RSU) is around £200k/year (evidenced by payslip + contract), which is a typical senior Software Engineer salary in my company and is quite competitive according to I know many people who successfully got endorsements recently in my company and none of them were questioned for the salary.

I submitted appeal and pointed out the numbers on my payslip, and attached statistics from But it got rejected again saying my salary doesn’t meet the bar. I’m really confused. How much salary is considered as meeting the bar?

That is very confusing since I am also going to use the same numbers :frowning:

Could you share feedback you got? It should help other people

So sorry about the rejection. Can you share the full rejection reason? And also what they said after you pointed it out.
Most times they do this when one falters in many other sides already, so they’ll just add that.
But nevertheless 200k/yr is actually not little and I’ve seen people with less receive it. So I’m surprised they would say that.

made a new post for that

Yes looks like they were already biased when accessing my application. Made a new post with details.

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Just checked the new post.
Yeah, that’s an intense feedback, but if you truly want it, I believe you have what it takes to get the endorsement. These days it seems like there are some certain things that if tech nation doesn’t see, it automatically discards one’s application as weak. I believe for a better application, you might just need a good variety of evidences, and possibly need to be more in-depth. Speaking from experience. I initially got rejected twice.

Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your experience. Yes it’s really disappointing to see how quickly the review panel can jump to conclusions that an application is weak just because it’s unique and doesn’t follow other applications’ patterns. It’s a shame that they don’t even fully understand their own guideline and can’t assessing all applications with same rules or standards.

Personally I am not that motivated to apply again. Was quite hesitant to continue staying in London before applying, and decided that if I could get the endorsement I would stay for a few more years. Now I don’t have any reason to stay any longer and it’s time to leave. It’s UK’s loss, not mine.

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I like how you’re viewing it. Stay blessed

This is literally what happened me to - they completely rejected my application because they felt like the letter is not written by the CEO - even tho it DocuSign’d by him.

They just don’t care about you, they’re completely irresponsible and I assume that happened after they got acquired and got no funding money to their company. UKVI needs to move on from Tech nation.

It’s a shame.


I’m so sorry for your experience. Yes they are ridiculously unprofessional. I don’t know who they are, but they are definitely not experts in the tech industry. They lack basic common sense in the tech world and can’t seem to understand a lot of things. I’ve also heard stories about how people played tricks to give the panel what they want to see and get endorsements successfully.

It’s a shame that UK gives the power of retaining talents to these people.

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True - its same as office politics, really.

I’ve seen people who are UI/UX designers with only 3 yrs of experience (So probably they jumped on the tech wagon) and got endorsed.

But I got refused even with a profitable startup on my name (+4.2m ARR) and worked with a UK tech startup where we won “Innovation of the year” for our tech and got rejected because “they felt” that the letter is not credible enough. What goes around comes around and hope that reviewer will taste their own medicine someday.

And just like you really, This just drives me away from UK. Thank god for remote work.

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