How many years visa for an Exceptional promise

Hello everyone,

I’m outside the UK and I’d like to get clarifications on how many years visa an exceptional promise recipient can be advised to apply for. Is it 3 years, 4 or 5? Are there any implications for choosing certain amount of years?

When do we get to renew this visa? I’ll be reading everyone’s input. Thank you!

For exceptional promise, you get your ILR after 5 years. It’s best you apply for 5 years visa if you have the finances for that. In 5 years you can then apply for your ILR and wouldn’t need to renew the visa.

Thank you! @C91 I apply for less than 5 years this will not in anyway affect the possibility of applying for ILR in the future right?

If you apply for less than 5 years, it will not reduce the chances of you applying for ILR . You’d just have to extend the visa and show proof of eligibility which are.

  1. You must have earned.
    2: you must still be endorsed etc.

Eligibility requirements for extension are in the site I suppose….

Thank you! Your responses have been helpul.