How long does it usually takes to get response after the 3rd edit?

Hi guys,

I applied to the Tech Nation Endorsement on 26th Dec 2022. I saw an assessor had made several edits to the application as follows:

  • 1st edit: 10th Jan 2023
  • 2nd edit: 18th Jan 2023
  • 3rd edit: 24th Jan 2023

And from what I’ve heard is that they usually respond after the 3rd edit.

So I’m curious, any idea of the average time or days it usually takes for one to receive a response after the 3rd edit (based on past experiences of anyone here)? Please share with me by replying to this. Thanks :pray:t5:

Every application is different. If you have waited this long I don’t see how this question will make a difference. Some people with similar edit history still get endorsed. Good luck

Thanks for your response! I actually got a response the night I posted this. It was a rejection but the reasons were very conflicting. So I’ll be appealing since a lot of the evidence I submitted were overlooked. I applied for an exceptional promise.

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Sorry about that, you can raise the evidence ignored in your appeal

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Sorry to hear about your rejection. You can share the feedback here to get some suggestions.

Okay. I’ve included screenshots of the feedback and my response in my appeal below. I applied for exceptional promise under UX Designer. I submitted 10 pieces of evidence that were very detailed and self-explanatory, with many screenshots. I consider my application and profile very robust, considering I’m just 4 years into my career as a product designer. My OC3 was accepted, but MC and OC2 were rejected.
Let me know what you guys think about the accessor’s feedback and the response I provided as my argument points to the appeal. @Francisca_Chiedu @May



What are your list of evidence for each of the criteria? I think you want to highlight that you were judge as exceptional talent when you applied for promise as the statement in the feedback says you have not been recognised as a leading or exceptional talent.

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Yes, do share your evidence list matched to each criteria

Alright. I’ll share my profile under this trend when I’m much settled. Thanks guys for your responses!