How long does it take to get a London-based job on average?

Hi, I am currently seeking a job based in London.
I plan to move to the UK on the Global Talent Visa in April next year.

Just wanted to know how long it takes to get a job on average.
I received a bunch of rejections from the companies.
I’ve never had an interview with a London-based company… ;(

I am a software engineer with 3.5 years of professional experience outside the UK.
The main programming languages are C++ and Python.

It seems quite challenging to not only secure a job but even to pass the initial application stage for me lol

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It’s not you. The job market is currently terrible.

Ideally, 2-5 months!

My advice is to sign up for interview tutorials on YouTube and try signing up for mock interviews with experienced software engineers in the UK.


@srpark I wonder that as well. I plan to move to the UK after I find a job but it is even more difficult from abroad.

By the way I want to give info about a mistake I have been making.

I mostly applied to Linkedin job ads. If you apply through the Easy Apply button and if the job poster has a filtre on locations, your applications directly go to their spam folder. I wasted so much time with that.


Hi, thanks for your answer :slight_smile: Will do so!

Oh noooooooo! I did use the EASY APPLY on linkedin as well lol
I think I’d better see how it’s going for now… What’s your position though?

I am a machine learning researcher and looking for a machine learning research or engineering position.


How cool! I’m a software engineer, but I’m in the process of transitioning into the AI field (it would take a while though lol). I wish you the best of luck in your job search! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. Good lucl to you also. We are in the same situation so lets keep in touch! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, but my background is comparably much weaker than yours lol However, I will keep moving forward :slight_smile: Let’s stay in touch, and hopefully, we can meet up in London for tea sometime!

That would be great :smile: :coffee:

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