How do you define a National or International Award

“Having being recognised for receiving a national or international award for…”

How do we define what national or international award is?

Last month, someone saw a video I made via YouTube talking about 5 Things one ought to know about technation and reached out to me to clarify something about awards.

One of the reasons he wasnt endorsed was that “the award he had won was not 'internationally recognised”.

Stats about this award;
Top tier award for recognition for young people
Has existed for 16 years
Over 1,400 nominees
Over 1,600 stories captured
Over 200 winners
Over 15 categories

All stats which were stated, screenshot provided, audience proof shown, website screenshot + url provided, and pictures of the award certificate and recipient holding the award submitted.

This is a continetally recognised award. How come there was a refusal with the 'the award he is not 'internationally recognised", despite the evidence brought forward?

Applicant also provided proof of a second award for the best startup in a particular category, given to the winner (himself). This was an award given by an agency equivalent of the Council for Science and Technology in the UK. Evidence submitted was himself holding the Plaque, with clear inscriptions, and also the government agency website url, and details of what it does.

There was also news clippings (including audience, audience size, 6months website visitors using similarweb) to support showing the results of winning the award, international events, and mention.

How do we define what an international or national award is, what are the standards?

I appreciate your thoughts.

As Tech Nation is typically assessing the person’s track record, I would suggest you look at the entire evidence submitted and not just this specific award.

It may be possible to prove that this award does qualify but since it is not a Nobel prize, the applicant can’t depend on it by it self. (UK government do have a list of awards that automatically qualify for a visa now). My understanding is that Nationally recognised awards do qualify but I know Tech Nation has had a significant number of people “paying” for their awards. It is possible the assessor mistook the award for this.

They may also not have seen enough artefacts online for the award organisers or they didn’t check. They would be looking for previous notable winners, previous editions, things like that. At the end of the day, it is a perception thing.

I have also seen many people who did not get a single award get their endorsements. This is just to say it is not really about the specific award by itself.

The applicant can probably use the endorsement review process to point out that not only International awards qualify. However, I do hope that they have more evidence showing their track record aside from those 2 awards.