How do you approach this visa when you are reporting to only one superior?

I am currently working in a product-led startup company (chatbot based) 2+years

I work on UX, Product strategy, product pricing, customer handling, research and analytics and multiple other roles. I am also their sole marketer right from the beginning. we have been acquired 5 months back and we are doing really good now, basically 3x revenues than before. I am still handling all the marketing part alone and contributing significantly on all the above-mentioned places.

Now, Coming to the Tech-nation visa.

When I read the requirements I get jacked up cause I believe i am eligible(Promise via business route)

And when i read about the proofs that needs to be submitted, I have no clue on on what to do, since i have only our CEO that i report to and can get a recommendation letter only from him, as i haven’t worked under anyone else.

Please suggest me how to approach this.

@Vishal_Reddy I gather that you’re thinking about three reference letters requirement? Unfortunately, that’s the way it is - you will need to collect the required documents in order to make a successful application. I guess the logic is that if one is really an exceptional talent/promise they will be prominent enough to be known by at least 3 different, well-established organisations, acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field (that is almost the direct quote from the guide published here:

Depending on your particular circumstances, you may think if asking some of the clients you worked with for the recommendation letter(s). If you have spoken at the conferences - you might consider asking conference organizers for providing you with the recommendation.

Let not ‘promise’ deceive you - in my opinion and experience it may take years (sometimes even more than 5!) to build up a good enough profile and up to a year to gather evidence for the application. For example, that one of the requirements for the Exceptional Promise:
"An applicant evidencing EXCEPTIONAL PROMISE must show they have been recognised as having potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology field". One can argue that it is fairly unlikely that a candidate was recognised as having such potential if they cannot secure an endorsement from at least thee different organisations.

The usual disclaimer: I am not working for the Tech Nation and do not (and cannot) represent the Tech Nation)

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Thanks for the info mate