How different is CV from Linkedin profile?

I’m in the process of building the CV for the Global Talent [Exceptional Talent] endorsement application [stage1].

Technation official guide [] has a very high-level explanation/requirement for CV

CV with any career and publication history included. It must be typed and be up to 3 sides of A4 paper.

I understand its a personal choice what to include & what not to [apart from career & publication history as mentioned in the guide]. But is CV going to be a view of the Linkedin Profile? i.e. selectively cherry-picking pieces within one’s LinkedIn profile?

Or are there some distinct things included in CV which won’t be in one’s LinkedIn Profile?

I wanted to gauge what the group thinks here.

I’ve seen a profile not endorsed as a result of linkedin profile vs CV mismatch. So I’ll advice that your CV mirrors your LinkedIn profile.
You’ll be asked to provide both in the TN application form.

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Thanks for sharing this data point. I’ll keep in mind to make sure CV and linkedin are both reflecting the latest information.