How can I improve myself to get UK Tier 1 Global talent visa with Tech Nation?

Hi everyone,

I’m a final year CS master’s student currently studying in Munich, Germany.

For the past 2 years, I have been working as part-time React developer at a VoD company.

I have 1 publication and another one will be published next year.

I also have created a few side projects (full stack, extension, RN app) and wrote a few technical articles.

I don’t have any open-source contribution to a significant project, nor do I have any awards, or a stack overflow profile.

On paper, I don’t have any chance to get the UK global talent visa endorsement from Tech Nation. But I really want to settle in the UK. How can I improve myself in the next 1-1.5 years to be able to have a shot at this? Please share your suggestions. In case you’re a similar visa holder, please let me know what documents you had to show.

I read creating a startup and making YouTube programming tutorials give people a boost at the chance. Is it possible?

Thanks, and happy new year!

Hi Faisal
Glad to e-meet you.
My approach was somewhat similar. I started planning for this Visa a good 1-year before I applied. My suggestion would be:

  1. Read the Tech Nation criteria thoroughly (disclaimer: no guarantee that the criteria won’t change for the next 1-1.5 years). This will also tell you the type of documents you can start thinking of.
  2. Identify which of the criteria is in your range / interest / where you have opportunities to build evidence in the coming year(s). For example: working outside your day-to-day job and advancing the tech sector could be one area.
  3. Systematically go about identifying projects, where you can contribute, ideally in multiple places and over time, build a body of evidence that you meet the chosen criteria.
  4. Collect these evidences and just apply.
    This has to be a long-term plan and there is no magic-wand or one-size-fits-all approach. I feel, each Tech Nation applicant is unique in a way, as you will be too.
    Know what sort of evidences are possible in your circumstances, then plan and simply execute.
    Sure, launching a start-up and YouTube tutorials are ways in which some of the criteria can be evidenced, but based on my experience, everyone will have to evidence a lot more than just that.
    Best Wishes

I could not agree with this more. Well said.


While everything @deepak says is true, please don’t forget to keep doing good things professionally. The evidence you present is almost always a result of doing your work (or studies) well and not the result of just chasing evidence for the sake of evidence.

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@Faisal what @Shreeniwas_Iyer said is gospel truth. You should always chase excellence; success will follow in due course. Excellence is a far better aim than this visa or for that matter anything else. Larry Page or Sergey Brin did not aim any visa but now if they were to apply for this visa, they would get it right? Keep trying and who knows you might be another Larry Page for us.