Home office Stage 2 application

Hello everyone, I have just a couple of questions to confirm before sumitting my application to the Home office.

  1. What should I write in the current immigration status field? I am on the Skilled Worker visa right now.
  2. Field of Talent date. Is it the date that I received my endorsement decision from the Home Office via email?
  3. Lastly about the letter of endorsment – is it just a PDF email I received with my endorsment from the Home Office?

Thank you!

  1. Skilled worker visa is okay
  2. Yes, the date of endorsement
  3. Yes, the pdf email will suffice

@PPEE: I am about to apply like you to switch from Skilled Worker visa for me and my husband and kids. Can I ask you about the list of documents you had to provide for your dependants?
Thanks in advance!


I decided to not switch my dependent. This way I would needlessly pay IHS again. Dependents can keep their visa until it expires. Let me know if it makes sense. If not, I can send some links.

Thanks for your answer!

Hi @Amira_Chalbi @PPEE

I am in a similar situation. Preparing stage 2 application and am currently on skilled worker visa. Have two questions that I would like to ask.

Does one have to pay to the Health Surcharge even if they’re already in the UK?
Does one have to inform their current employer about the change in their visa status?


Hi @awkwrd101,

  • Yes, I paid for the Health Surcharge
  • Yes, you do better to inform them since they are responsible for your Skilled Worker Visa

I hope it helps!

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Yes for IHS and up to you for updating your employer. You are not breaking any laws, you are working here legally. Visa is your own business.

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Thank you @PPEE and @Amira_Chalbi . How long did it take to get the stage 2 application processed? And does one have to wait for a new BRP card before they can travel outside the UK?

Very fast in my case, but it’s rare. It can be 1-3 months depending on a country. It’s generally not recommended to travel while waiting for a new BRP but as long as your old BRP is valid I suppose it’s technically possible

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Thanks! I am applying from within UK, might have to change some upcoming travel but that should be okay.