Home Office query on Stage 2 for exceptional talent

• Received the following from home office:

“Please note that we require further information before we can process your application. You currently have leave to remain as a Tier 2 Skilled Worker migrant until xx December 2025. Should your application for leave to remain as a Global Talent migrant be successful, you will be granted leave to remain for a less time than your current period of leave. Please could you confirm to us that you wish to proceed with your Global Talent application by xx”

• For background, I am currently on Skilled Worker Visa in UK past 2.4yrs valid until Dec 2025. I received Exceptional Talent endorsement from Tech Nation in May 2023 and applied to switch to the Global Talent Visa. I applied for 1yr only for GTV - as I would be eligible for settlement by Jan 2023 (3yrs under exceptional talent)
• Question: Should I respond briefly “yes please proceed” or should I respond more comprehensively eg "Yes please proceed. I am aware xxx. I applied for GTV for 1 yr because of ability to work + self employed + ability to settle xxx etc "
Essentially, should I explain my position or just give the answer to their question.

You can do both. They just want to confirm that you are aware of the implications.