High promise review - Business development & marketing URGENT

1, VP of strategic alliance
2, Business development and marketing co Ordinator (former manager now at a different digital company)
3, Business transformation and process manager from my University where I did a research project in the utilization of our digital learning platform.
all 3 are from different organisation

1,scanned picture of my BA HONS Degree showing I graduated in July 2021
2, Letter from HR confirming I joined the business as part of our “High potential entry level” scheme
3, Career progression 3 promotions in 20 months. from sales associate to BD executive to senior BD executive to now ABM specialist. Less than 2 years in my tech career.
4, Letter from an external industry expert (30 years of experience) confirming my skills and emerging potential in the tech sector

OC1- Innovation
5, Letter from VP of marketing confirming I work in a new digital field and that I drive the results of our success.
6, Article from the business wire about the project my company did with a massive finance company. The letter above will also confirm this project was marketing originated and was my opportunity.

OC3 - Commercial impact
7, Screenshot from salesforce for a pipeline value of over £10 million
8, Screenshot from salesforce for a closed won value of almost £7 million
9, 100% award (company award with pictures) at our BPSS conference for overachieving my targets

I have intentionally left 1 piece of evidence so if you provide feedback I try and fetch. I understand my LORs are not C suite however my organisation don’t offer LORs from Csuite. My LORs are my biggest concern. do i have a chance? @Francisca_Chiedu

You mandatory criteria are mostly reference letters, your degree certificate is not a suitable evidence. What other evidence of recognition do you have? Have you spoken at a conference? Do you have published contributions?..

You evidence of Innovation is also not sufficient, what product did you build? What makes it novel?