Help with Stage 1 Review

Hi All,

Please help review my stage one application shown below. I am a Sales Engineer by profession and i work with a product-led cybersecurity company. I am thinking i’m more of a business applicant.

Global Talent Visa Submission

  • 3-page CV

  • 3 Recommendation Letters from 2 directors i worked with in the past and 1 ex-VP

  • Personal Statement

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Reference letter from a Director of ICT at a government agency stating my impact and contribution for an Advanced Threat Protection Solution deployed to protect the agency’s asset from Inside and External threat. This includes screenshots of technical proposal sent to customer, the bill of material, URL to product demo session with customers before product purchase
  • Also to submit award letter for the purchase of the solution as evidence
  • Also to submit purchase order as evidence
  1. Reference letter from Director of a non-tech company stating my impact and contribution towards their purchase and deployment of a Global Server Load-Balancing solution to help the organization’s business continuity plan by preventing service downtime when one of its datacenters fail. This includes screenshots of technical proposal sent to customer by me, the bill of material designed, proposed solution architecture, award letter for the purchase and the purchase order

  2. Evidence of speaking at high-profile digital technology sector events. i have picture clips to show for this and a reference letter from a leading industry expert who attended the event to attest to this.

  3. Proof of command of high salary and equity share, recognition email which led to increase in salary

Optional Criteria

  1. Letter of recommendation and recognition from my HR

  2. Merit Letter and Email screenshot sent from my company VP congratulating me for my contribution to the team

  3. Reference Letter from a Cybersecurity Mentorship platform for upcoming professionals, stating my contribution to the platform. This will come with URLs to interviews and live Q & A sessions with participants.

  4. I’m part of a start-up company currently involved in the design of a smart metering system

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Hi @spong3_head,

I think you need to study the guide more.

Your mandatory criteria look good to go. However, for your optional criteria, you need to specify which ones you’ve opted for between 1,2,3, and 4. But if I’m to comment on the items you’ve listed under OCs above, I’d say you need to dig more into your records to look for more pieces of evidence because Reference letters, Merit letters, and letters of recommendation alone aren’t enough.

Please note that this is based solely on my opinion. I advise you to wait to hear from other more experienced members here.

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Agree with @4rmSlum2uk that your OC both does not map to specific OC #s as outlined by Tech Nation, and also are not strong pieces of evidence (excluding #3). Depending on which OC you decide to pursue, your evidence should reflect how you meet that criteria. Screenshots of emails and general recommendation letters unfortunately do not suffice.


#1 and #2 read as you doing your day-to-day job, not showing how you enabled substantial revenue and/or customer growth or major commercial success. Your application is all about impact and outcome - show the reviewers the results and the impact of the work that you’ve done! If you’re saying that your work protected the agency’s assets form thread - tell Tech Nation the value of that! Did you save them $X? Was the work innovative or industry-leading (maybe other companies have adopted similar software?)? They need not just the details of what you’ve done, but the impact of that work.

re: #4, an offer letter and updated salary letter commanding a high salary is great - you might consider attaching screenshots of Glassdoor (or other similar sites) to show the average salary of your role. This will make your high salary stand out - depending on your location, the reviewers may not be familiar with average salaries in your region, so this helps!

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Your evidence for the optional criteria is jot sufficient. What optional criteria are you applying for?

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Hi @Francisca_Chiedu

I am part of a start-up company designing a smart meter technology. I intend submitting designs for it, screenshots of the product, the pilot site etc.

I also mentor young cybersecurity professionals. I’ll be submitting URLs to the sessions had with them, interview with the founder of the program, letter of reference from the founder as well.

I hope this works

What exactly are you trying to prove with the screenshots of the design?

For the mentorship, it has to be a structured programme and show how it has advanced the sector.