Help: Stage 1 or 2? AND Health Surcharge :)

Hi Friends! Appreciate your help in advance.

I followed the steps provided to kick off this process.

  1. I went to the UK Gov link:
    2. [QUESTION] Started the application then when I saved it got an email saying that it is
    ’ Global Talent visa - Stage 2’ just as an automated message. Did I go to the wrong application?
    3. [QUESTION] It’s also now asking me to pay a surcharge, should I proceed? I’m reading different things online and not sure.

BIG THANK YOU in advance!

You should do the stage 1 first. You will need to pay the health surcharge in the second stage so you got it wrong.

Thank you so much for the quick reply! I figured it out, thank you for the save on that :slight_smile:

Do you know when in the process we have to pay that?

I suggest you to prepare all of the documents first, before you apply for stage 1.

If you have done so, here is a 2 steps/forms you need to complete Where to apply for endorsement Stage 1?

Thank you Alex appreciate it!