Help review my Promise Application

Hello Guys,

I’m a data analyst/engineer of 4 years of experience. I previously worked as a data analyst/manager for 2 years , and I had to manage data collection projects from over 10 African cities. I mainly used Google sheets to manage the entire process (from recruitment till engagement).

I got an offer as a data engineer in my current company.

Now, I intend to apply for tech nation visa (promise), and I’d love to get your feedback on the strength of my doc & evidences.


  1. Letter from my previous CTO
  2. Letter from the CTO of my current company
  3. Letter from a my previous CTO, who now works with AWS.


  1. Tech Conference Talk
    I was invited to speak at the international Chatbot conference, based on my work at the time as a Chatbot data engineer.

I have got the link to the later exported video, the agenda and the invitation email to speak.

This conference was online and as such the view count was recorded on the conference app, which was later exported to YouTube (this doesn’t have much views though).

  1. High Salary & Payslips
    Running a comparative analysis of how my salary falls in the top 30% of earners within my field and in Nigeria using trusted tools such as payscale, Glassdoor and salaryexplorer.

  2. I got a news clipping where I featured (for a few secs though), where our work was highlighted on Channels TV (a renowned TV station) – Still not sure about including this though.

OC 1

  1. I worked on chatbot data collection & engineering, and all of the work was mostly on spreadsheets and databases.

How do I show this?

I got emails showing how I recruited members to join me in acquiring note data more cities, and other docs but they can’t be shared externally as they are private.

OC 3

  1. Architectural Diagram outlining the data architecture for the organization, and a document to explain it all.
  2. Screenshot of GitHub lines of code (private repo)
  3. Screenshots of the Pipelines, and cloud tools.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

Your LORs are only from people you’ve worked with which is not sufficient. Consider including external experts who know your work.

For the conference you’ll need a letter from the organizer that mentions the number of attendees. External links are not guaranteed to be viewed, so ensure you put all your evidence within the 3 page doc.

The media feature should mention your contribution not just about the team or company.

You don’t have strong and sufficient evidence for OC1. Please read this post on OC1.

It’ll be worth adding impact of your OC3 contribution and including a reference letter.

your MC also looks weak tech conference online might not be that much strong case, remember MC criteria is to prove your promising leader. See if you have any other evidence here.

  1. I got a news clipping where I featured (for a few secs though), where our work was highlighted on Channels TV (a renowned TV station) – Still not sure about including this though.

This is not bad but you can put in as additional evidence.

OC3 is really weak this is looking very generic , you need to prove how it impacted the company like revenue growth or subscriber growth and result of that your CEO or HR should awarded you certificate with salary increment like that will make you OC3 strong.
Also instead of OC1 please try OC2 if you have did any mentorship for some start up or universities or some NGO.

As regarding my LORs, I got one from my former CTO, present CEO and present CTO.

Thanks for your feedback @Ramesh87 and @May.

I’ll be going for OC2 and OC3 instead.

We just concluded an international summit in Scotland where I played an active role in planning and coordinating the event. I’m getting two letters from top speakers as reference. I’ll add pictures as well and links to linkedin mentions.

This should be valid for MC and OC2, right?

Regarding the speech event, I’ve also acquired a document from the organiser that states the number of attendees and as well explain how they chose me amongst many to speak at the conference. There’s also an agenda, link to that YouTube video and even the slides.

Regarding OC3, I’m still in the build process and haven’t rolled out the data infrastructure. We’re currently in the testing phase. I got a letter from a business development executive that states my impact on a former project I did.

What do you think??

Thanks for your feedback.

This is very good make sure the the YouTube link is available in the evidence.Yes you can use for both MC and OC2 make sure you have different photos.

OC3 looks better but also try to provide high salary evidence as well.

All the best.

Okay, Thank you @Ramesh87