Help review my application


Kindly help review my application for exceptional promise,

I’m a marketing manager with 5+ years experience in digital product led companies.

  1. Recommendations from former colleagues and line managers who are now CEOs of tech start ups
  2. Recommendations from my country manager in my current place of work
  3. Recommendations from my colleague and HR lead
  4. Proof of impact in all my role with screenshots documents I created and various product launch across SSA
  5. Proof of myself in the press, providing thought leaderships
  6. Proof of me contributing outside my work space
  7. My personal statement that covers my work experience, why I’m applying to tech nation and the impact I will make in the space
  8. Proof of high remuneration


What is your evidence for the mandatory criteria?

What are your evidence for two option criteria?

3 recommendations from 2 managers who are now cofounders and the Country manager of where i currently work

Evidence of contributions towards the growth of a digital product led company. I provided 3
My self in the Media
Evidence of contribution outside my work space.
My remuneration
Personal statement
Additional recommendations from colleagues in the industry speaking about my work

Recommendation letters, and personal statements are not part of the 10 evidences. Evidences can go up to 1 documents, excluding recommendation letters, CV, Perosnal Statement.

Best of Luck