Help review my application - Exceptional Talent

Hey all,

I am planning to apply for the exceptional talent route in the Global Talent Visa, and would appreciate feedback on my list of documents. For context, I am Software Engineer (mid-senior) in a big tech company (MAANG), working from the UK on Skilled Worker visa for the past 2 years, and I have a total of 5 years of experience (1.5-2 years of which which during my under grad degree as a tutor, then researcher, then Software Engineer).

Recommendation Letters:

  1. Director of research center I worked at. Was my professor at once.
  2. CEO of Series-B startup company in the eCommerce sector.
  3. Senior Manager (skip manager) at my company.

Supporting Evidence:

  1. MC1: Proof of connection to a technology business. Overseas & before coming to the UK. Had 1 business customer, had to close due to economic downturns in the last 2 years. Found out the idea is almost replicated after a major acquisition of one of the UK’s airports
  2. MC1: Open source contributions. Hundreds of stars on Github, and Million+ downloads on Pip.
  3. MC4: Techical book publication. I coauthored a technical book (with 2 others) which acted as a zero to hero guide for one of the open sources frameworks out there. Got ~10K sales until now (over 2 years)
  4. MC3: Proof of Salary. Among the highest 3% salaries in the UK.
  5. OC2: Evidence of Cyber Security recognition. Recognized (overseas) for cyber security skills in national competition(s), as well as evidence of me appointed an additional cyber security tasks in my day job for certifying internal services.
  6. OC4: Conference publication. First author of a paper I volunteered to do during my undergrad degree. Also shown evidence of contributing to journal publication while working as a researcher (no credit on paper though). Shown evidence of me registered for an MSc in my field but have it on hold for now.
  7. OC1: Google DSC Lead. Lead my university’s first Google Developer Student Club
  8. OC1: Building a new startup. Won a hackathon overseas last year, got the offer to be incubated by a local incubator, and got interest from a ~£2.6B market-capped overseas company, currently working on the product requirements.
  9. OC4: Graduation with distinction. Lists the timeline of main achievements during my degree (including a 6 years old example), and graduation from the top 10% with distinction with a picture with the head of state.
  10. OC3: Key work Contribution. Highlights main projects I worked on, in my day job here in the UK.

Side questions:

  1. How to know if an evidence is MC or OC?
  2. How to know the correct numbering of the evidence? i.e. MC1, MC2, MC3, or MC4? I did my best following the optional criteria numbered sections
  3. At the end of every evidence, shall I write a small paragraph how it’s beneficial for the UK?

I am aiming for the Exceptional Talent route, how strong is my application for it?

Thanks in advance!

You need to choose exactly two optional criteria, not all 4. Which do plan to use?
MC: the open source, book and salary look good. can you explain what “proof of connection” means?

I am still not sure what’s the max number of MCs can I use, and if there’d be a limit what do folks think is the best grouping of them among MCs and OCs based on the above evidences.

“Proof of connection” is a startup I cofounded.

@Victrr @nash_mills @Francisca_Chiedu @westside @akinolaking @Dare_Ayanwale
Would appreciate your opinions on my application draft documents

Hi @maa
Great to hear that you’re making progress.
A strategy I’d recommend is to have up to 3 “solid” MCs with 2 other MCs to back it up.
You can have more than 1 MC from one category.

Then, 3 “solid” OCs and two to back it up.
You can have more than 1 OC from one category.

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I applied for Exceptional Promise, the number of evidence I had in each was

MC: 5 evidence - 1st document overview of document and 5th document talking why I should be considered for promise even though my career is more than 5 years. So technically just 3 to actually prove MC. 1 was a reference letter from my current employer, 1 a pay slip showing I am earning above average according to Payscale and 1 an open source contribution with 10,000 downloads and 5 star reviews.

OC 2: 2 Evidence - Evidence of 4 open source WordPress plugins thousands of downloads, 40 star reviews and screenshots of code and other stats

OC 3: 3 Evidence - Evidence of earnings money selling digital products. Lets than a $1000 dollars per month but consistent in the last few months and growing with time.