Help Required on : Clarity on Switching from Skilled Worker to GTV

Hello @everyone,

This is Bharath, working on my Global Talen Visa application.

Currently, I am on a Skilled Worker Visa and recently started living in the UK.

Considering the eligibility of my profile, I felt GTV is the right visa for me than a Skilled Worker Visa.

I have decided to switch, could you please help with the following clarifications?

  1. I have to be in the UK or have to leave the UK and then Apply.
  2. What is the process for switching, whether I have to send an email to cancel the Skilled Worker Visa to Home Office, or if I get GTV, will it will auto switched by Home Office?


  1. You can apply from within the UK. You don’t need to leave.
  2. You can switch from skilled worker to GTV when you receive your endorsement. It’s all through the online application
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Thank you May, for the clarification and sharing the useful link.

Best Regards,

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