Help needed regarding dependants visa

I am seeking some help regarding the dependent’s visa. I have recently switched from a skilled worker visa to Global Talent Visa, while my spouse and children are still holding the previous skilled worker dependent visas. In my conversation with the UKVI helpline, I was informed that their visas remain valid until their expiration, as indicated on the following page:

I acquired my skilled worker visa through sponsorship from my employer, who also sponsored (paid for) the visas for my dependents.

When I asked the helpline representative whether the term “expiration” referred to the actual visa end date or if the visas would expire once my current employer notifies the UKVI that I am no longer under their sponsorship, they were unable to provide a definitive answer.

I am a little worried about it as I have upcoming travel plans with my family outside the UK

I’ll appreciate the clarification from someone knowledgeable in this matter.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No need to worry. I went thorough the same. Dependant visas are valid until original the expiration date when you switch to gt visa

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Thankyou Vudu. Did you travel outside the UK and come back as well with dependants?

Yesterday, I returned to the UK while my family was still on the old skilled worker-dependent visa. Had no issues.

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