Help for Exceptional Promise profile review

- Profile Context
- Bachelors: CS Engineer 2018; Masters in Management - Strategic Business Analytics Major: 2022
- 1.5YOE as Software Engineer at a travel tech company
- 1.5YOE as Project Manager at a manufacturing firm
- 6m internship as Business Analyst at an insurance firm
- ongoing 3m internship at a SaaS marketplace startup
- Have a full-time offer letter from a UK fintech starting July’22, but offer location is France | Plan is to get UK Visa and work for the same company but in UK instead

- LORs
- CEO/COO of a SaaS marketplace startup I have been interning with since April’22
- QA Manager of Travel Tech company I worked at full-time
- Senior Manager Engineering of Travel Tech company I worked at full-time

- Mandatory Criteria : show they have been recognised as having potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology field in the last 5 years
- Offer letter of my new role with high salary + bonus and equity options

- Optional Criteria
1. Showing Innovation:
→ Employee Contract from travel tech company
→ LOR referencing the work done in building an automation framework
2. Making academic contributions
→A letter of support from a research supervisor or “other expert” in your area of expertise affirming their potential world-class standard.
A letter from a professor (PHD in econometrics + Director of Strategic Business Analytics chair ) stating my potential in the tech field referencing my applied work
3. Showing Impact:
→ Screenshot of product documentation, whitepapers I worked on referenced by a letter from COO of the organisation ( during internship at SaaS marketplace startup)

Aside your employment contract, what is your evidence that you are a potential leader in your field?
From all the listed documents, it appears you don’t have sufficient evidence.
Academic contribution at undergraduate and Master level do not meet the OC4 criterion.