Help Determining My Eligibility / Application Evidence

I’m currently in the UK on a Tier 2 Skilled Workers Visa and would like to migrate to a Global Talent Visa.

Here is some background on me regarding eligibility as an Exceptional Leader on the BUSINESS (not technical) SIDE:

Chief Operating Officer for Quantive for 4+years. Quantive is a Series C digital SaaS company, having raised $160 million+ from marquis VCs, including Insight Partners, Index Ventures and CRV. This included C-Suite experience for a digital startup business, with span of control including Revenue, Marketing, Customer Success, Growth, Research/Insights/Analytics, People Operations, and Finance. Presided (in partnership with CEO) over expansion of the product led digital tech business by (i) 10x revenues and (b) 8x personnel count. Prior to that 2 years as Chief Marketing Officer for Free2Move, a consumer Mobility technology startup. This included (a) C Suite experience for a digital startup business and (b) performance marketing oversight and deployment for this digital business. Previously a number of additional C-suite roles for digital startups.

Outside my occupation, have also now been advising various digital startups including:
(a) a UK based biomaterials company – mentoring the co-founders, assisting with standing up a production facility in Oxford and go-to-market strategy
(b) a UK and Kenya based startup that develops nature based carbon removal projects, that sequester carbon whilst also combatting the effects of climate change (focused upon a proprietary biochar fertilizer)
(c) a UK and US based company commercializing Space Based Solar Power - including looking at bringing them into the European Space Agencies Accelerator at Harwell; and
(d) a Swedish based startup with a proprietary nano-paste product that enables the design and manufacture of unique products with optimized thermal, photovoltaic, and energy storage properties.

Have spoken and moderated panels at Digital Enterprise Show and South Summit but due to pandemic both were in 2019 and nothing since + there are no videos of the activity - though I can find some 3rd party LinkedIn and website evidence - and I might be able to get the former head of DES to write a letter.

I’m the Co-Author of Patent: US 7596533 B2 - Personalized multi-service computer environmentPersonalized multi-service computer environment (this is around 20 years old however)

Published in a number of digital publications – including authored articles at :
Entrepreneur, Crunchbase, The Next Web, Silicon Republic, TDWI and I’ve been quoted in a number of TechCrunch articles.

I can get letters of recommendation from the CEO of Quantive, a VC (founding Partner) involved with Quantive and CEO of former company (Free2Move). If I want to use the CEO of Quantive as a letter in the other evidence can replace that with someone else (e.g., the CMO of Quantive who reported to me or some other referee).

I’ve read the guidance but really uncertain as to what evidence makes sense here

Does showing an increase of 10x revenue of Quantive (where i was CMO and COO) work for Mandatory criteria?

What Optional criteria evidence makes sense here?

Thanks so much in advance!