Help appealing, I got rejected

I don’t know why, why are they ignoring my evidences and just reading part by part.

Two of my recommenders spoke about my work, accomplishments, impact of work in Nigeria both in logistics, education and e commerce also Open source projects I’ve been involved with. Those paragraphs were ignored.

That they don’t know anything about my work…


  1. I led a product led company.
  • News clip with my name, reference letter from my employer with screenshots to public repo.
    This was ignored
  1. Two open sources projects I am part of maintaining with my commit histories. I showed that I am the top contributor of these projects.
    **All these was ignored **
    But they brought single evidence from CO2 to validate me here

  2. Articles I published, I added screenshots of tweets of users who said they have learnt on how to use my article.
    They then use these to judge me.

  3. Offer letter. I know this was not important, so I made it last.


  1. Open source projects and contributions
    I showed my open source projects and all contributions I have made.
    But they say my contributions was past of my job and when they say consistent contributions I didn’t contribute to only one. But they picked just what they want and said I was not consistent with it.

  2. Mentorship… I added evidence of my mentorship and slack message of mentees who got jobs mentioned my name
    But they ignored it

  3. Reference letter too explaining my impact. This was ignored


  1. I explained my impact in my previous job. With code screenshots showing my name. Also reference letter from my previous employer. He also explained in details what I did that made the increase in percentage.
    The guide said u can submit a reference letter, show why are they asking for external evidence

  2. Offer letter from my previous job.

  3. Impact at my present job with a reference letter from customer also added link to public repo.
    This was ignored

Please, how can I go about this
@Francisca_Chiedu @May @alex_james

Have you advanced the GPT field or simply used a GPT solution made by someone else and integrated it.

It is hard to judge and give tou feedback as you are very vague even here. What open source projects? What do they do? How many users / contributors? Update cycle?

Even for news clips it depends what it says, who paid for the newsclip / article, was it just an add submitted by your own company etc.

Screenshots of individuals on twitter and slack saying things are meaningless, how would they know whether you asked them to write those things. It is very unprofessional to submit this. Unless it is a high profile person like an known accademic, or tech ceo do not do this.

The article helps other developers in using the GPT on an advanced level, Does that not help in field advancement?

This was my latest evidence or supporting evidence… But they skip the important once.

The Open source project, i am an active contributor was skipped, i am the top 1 to 4 contributors in it. And i have been contributing since 2022. But this was skipped to.

Two news articles, My company didn’t publish those news articles. Same this evidence nothing was spoken about it.

They dont have to speak about everything you submitted just discuss the reasons for rejection. But you can appeal. Them not speaking about it does not mean, they have not considered it.

Yeah but you have not answered the question, top 1 to 4 of how many, how known is the project, is there a membership criteria, is it well recognised?

What do you mean by advanced level? Advanced in your opinion might not actually be advanced. Are you talking about mathematical modelling or how to implement APIs of GPT / LLMs built by 3rd parties.

In my experience, once your recommendation letters are criticized, there is really no basis for a successful appeal. My advice will be to reapply, however appealing, which can give you more insights into the reasons for rejection.

Going through your pieces of evidence stated here, there are many grey areas and you might have to reevaluate. Remember, it is what you are able to convince them your evidence is worth, they do not automatically know


Thanks for your help

You should go for the appeal. Even in the worst case, you’ll get another set of feedback that will help you in future application. I had successful appeal and my approach was to map my pieces of evidence with their guidelines applicable at the date of application and show how I think I qualify for the criteria.