Guidance needed for understanding my GTV bracket

Hello All, i am planning to apply for GTV visa but I am struggling to understand which bracket I lie under.

My current situation:

I have been working in India for 5 years in Infosys (not product led ), for various clients.

Post which I moved to Germany , where I was doing my masters till last month.
While doing my masters in data science, I worked 1.5 years in a product led company part-time.
Then 2 years in another product-led company and now 1 year in another product-led company.

Which brings me to the questions:

  1. Does a part-time job count as experience also? if so do they count full experience?
  2. Does this mean I qualify under the exceptional promise bracket? because of my experience from Infosys not counting?
  3. The extra contributions other than my work , as I was studying and did 2 research papers , not published.
    Do they count as outside work contributions?
  4. I am a QA engineer but in my recent company I have created a LLM model that can be used as a chatbot for the company, does this count as innovative?

cc @Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad @alexnk
I would really appreciate your feedback

@Sharma.shray here are my answers:

I am not 100% sure, but I think part-time does NOT count. Tech Nation guidelines only mentioned that you need to be “a founder, senior executive, board member or employee” though.
However, the referer from your part-time work can definitely be used in an LOR part if they meet the requirements.

yes, but you still need to clarify that the previous companies you ever worked in the past were not product led.

No, they do not count.

In general LLM is not innovative. However if you can try to identify specific area of the innovation which uses LLM, that may help.


@Sharma.shray my position regarding this is that you simply don’t mention that you were part-time. It only matters that you contributed meaningfully and significantly to the company(ies) which I believe should be the focus of your submission.

Regarding this, it does not necessarily have to be about innovation, you can drive the narrative to address significant impact (OC3) instead. But my guess is developing an LLM is by itself not innovative.

How do you mean research papers if they are not published?? Can you provide more information about these?

Are you able to summarise your experiences at product-led companies under one role? If so, what is it?


First of all @ask4jubad @alexnk . i would like to thank both of you for your replies you have no idea how much it matters and helps me. Thank you so much for helping me out.

The research i did was a part of the master thesis , the results are still awaited but i am pretty sure it wont be at a level that it can be published in some high ranking spaces.

To summarise my roles in product led companies:
I have been a senior QA ( because of my prior experience in non product led companies)
And have extensive knowledge of test architectures.
I have made the whole test framework and architectures in 2 companies till now .
One of them, i was mentoring a guy as a part of the job ( which does not count, i guess as it is a part of the job)

Also, as i am a QA it is not a part of my role to develop LLM or functionalities of the product, but this project was on my personal time and when i presented it to the company they wanted to integrate it.

As a QA i am not sure there is much to contribute on github, i registered with StackOverflow and will contribute there for 6-8 months and also applied to to mentor some people.

i think that should do for the outside work contribution.

You are right, not very useful. Discard it then and look for something else.

It doesn’t matter, if your efforts benefited the company substantially, I think it’s worth mentioning. This can be through a reference letter + model design.

For this, I am sure there are a few github bugs that you can contribute to in addition to stackoverflow.

You can also check this out to boost your profile. It’s like the largest industry event in testing.

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  1. Part-time work counts because there is no prohibition against it. You can work even 2 hours a day. If you do as much for the company in those 2 hours as another employee doesn’t do in 8 - that can also be your talent, which needs to be properly described and proven.
  2. It’s hard to tell from your current information what category you fall under. The “5 years” limitation is very conditional in my opinion. There are cases when they gave talent for 4 years and who were given promis for 8 years of work. I think it all depends on the magnitude of achievements. But subjectively, judging by your description, you really don’t have a lot of experience and “promis” would be the appropriate path.
  3. If something is unpublished, it plays a small role.
  4. it is not an innovation, as there are many such chatbots, they are often used everywhere. If you have implemented something in this chatbot that is truly innovative - emphasize it.
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Thank you for your reply.
To reiterate over point 2. As I did not get the last part. do you mean to say that I should not go for the GTV route because my profile does not guarantee a lot of promise?