GTV stage 2 dependent

Hi everyone, I got my endorsement few days ago, I paid the IHS, then filled my wife’s application as a dependent. We’ve been officially married for 6 months now (marriage certificate…). Do we have to include any other documents like photos, conversations, evidence that we lived together for the past two years, because I don’t know how to proceed with it, I met my wife a year and half ago? Thank you

Provide as much as you can. Even if it is not up to two years let your evidence show your marriage is genuine and subsisting.

Thank you very much for your reply, should I add these evidence after submitting the application of my wife, and provide them in the TLS uploading platform?

Hi everyone,

We just got our GTVs approval (me and my wife), for those interested in what we provided, I’ll give some details about the timeline as well for future references for you.

GTV-Stage 1: applied for endorsement on the 22 of December 2023 and received it on the 8th of January 2024.

GTV-Stage 2: we applied together, me as the main applicant (Separate applications) and linked our applications using UAN. We submitted our application 16th January, then provided our biometrics on 18th January. We received the decision letter on 1st February.

Documents we provided:

Main applicant: Even though the only document required by me is my passport but I added more. I submitted also, tuberculosis test, employment contract, Visa application form (VAF), endorsement letter.

Dependant (my wife): her passport, my passport, my endorsement letter, visa application form (VAF), additional letter (answering the question related to our relationship, and the two years situation, and also pointed out what evidence we are going to provide, and the last paragraph about accomodation when we move to the UK), consent letter (written by me, giving consent to my wife to use all necessary information in order to submit her application as a dependant, such as, my UAN, passport number, endorsement letter…), marriage certificate (original and translation), up to date family civil status (original and translation), evidence document (containing pictures of us together in different places, around 20 photos, conversations also…).

Regarding IHS fees, I paid for two years, my wife paid 2.5 years, so be prepared of that, we don’t know where that came from.

Hope that helps, thanks everyone for all the valuable information giving in this forum.

One more thing, we didn’t submit bank statements or anything related to money.

How did you pay for 2.5 years for IHs?

When we were about to pay the IHS fees of my wife, the total was 624+624+312, we didn’t expect that, but apparently someone faced the same issue before? As soon as we move to the UK, I will see if we can have a partial refund!

Hi Mate, how many years endorsement did you get? Is it for 5 years or for 3 years? If so, how come your wife only paid for 2 years of IHS fee and not for 3 or 5 years? Thanks

@Amara_O I got the endorsement from UKRI, so the endorsement has nothing to do with the number of years. We applied for stage 2 for two years due to financial constraints, we couldn’t afford to pay for more than two years. We paid for two years, and my wife paid an extra 6 months.

Thank you for clarifying