GTV - Spouse/Dependent visa questions


I’m from India and have been working in UK for past 4 years on Tier 1 - Exceptional Talent visa. My current visa is valid till Dec 2022. I will be getting married in India on Dec 2021. I’ve some questions about adding spouse/dependents to my visa.

  1. Given that my fiance/spouse is in India, should she be applying for Dependent visa from India or can she come to UK on a visitor visa and apply from here?
  2. To apply for a Dependent visa, do we need to submit the marriage certificate as well or is that optional? If we need the marriage certificate, then we will have to wait till we have it to apply for the Dependent visa.
  3. How long does the Dependent visa processing takes? Can it be expedited?
  4. As my current visa is valid till Dec 2022, my spouse will have to pay the NHS surcharge only till this period?
  5. When I apply for ILR, my spouse can also extend their Dependent visa?
  6. Does my spouse need to do any English or other tests before she can start working in UK?

Any help with the above questions will be highly appreciated.

  1. You can’t switch visa on a visitors visa, she has to apply from India.
  2. You need to submit marriage certificate and other evidence to show your marriage is genuine and subsisting.
  3. Dependant visa takes around 3 weeks or so.
  4. Yes.
  5. Yes.
  6. No
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Thanks for your responses.

Looks like Priority (5 days) and Super Priority (1 day) services are available when applying from outside the UK?

Sometimes people who pay for this service still get a delay. The home office may send you a clarification email.

Hello @Francisca_Chiedu

Do you have an idea how long dependant visa takes now in 2023? and also i have been endorsed already and i plan to get married very soon and add my spouse as a dependant, how soon can we process her Visa upon getting married considering the fact that i will be 3-4 month holder of Tier 1 Visa in the UK by the time or is it dependent on the country?

It takes around 3 weeks but if your application is not straightforward, it could be longer.

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu for your response

Please what do you mean by if my application isn’t straight forward?

That’s for UKVI to explain.

Thanks so much @Francisca_Chiedu . I really appreciate your time