GTV - Main applicant's Dependant details

I have a question on the “Dependant details” section on my GTV visa application (am the main applicant), which I have paid the IHS and application fee.

I am working on my visa application (main applicant) and is stuck on the following problem.

In the “Spouse/partner details” section, the system asks for the spouse’s details, such as her name, her passport number, will she be travelling to the UK with me, etc. I provided my wife’s information here.

Right after the “Spouse/partner details” section is the “Dependant details” section, which asks:
"Does anyone rely on you for financial support?
Include both those travelling with you and those who are not.

This could include:

  • Children under 18
  • Children over 18 who live with you at home
  • Children who you look after all the time
  • Older relatives who need you for accommodation or other support

In the “Dependant details” section, I included only my children’s information. I did not include my wife here because I thought that this section is for other dependants rather than a spouse/partner.

I have following questions:

  1. Given that my wife is currently financially dependent on me, should I have repeated my wife’s information in the “Dependant details” section (even if it is provided in the “Spouse/partner details” section)? If that is the case, is there any way to correct my application? Would submitting a cover letter to confirm that my wife is financially dependent on me help, or do I have to cancel the application and make a new one? (I paid the IHS and application fee but have not submitted the documents and provided the biometric to the visa centre yet).

  2. If I continue with the current application (thus my wife is not listed under the “Dependant details” section), would she be eligible for the Global Talent Partner visa? If she is still eligible, does she need to provide evidence that SHE can financially support herself during the time in the UK?

I appreciate any experience and knowledge you can share.

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From what I understand, spouse shouldn’t be included in dependents.

@Shreeniwas_Iyer: Thank you for your answer. I heard some people saying spouse cannot apply the dependant visa if he/she is not in the dependant list of the main applicant. If you can, can you explain the reason for not including spouse in the dependants?

@bd1076 your spouse and children under 18 are your dependent period. You can include them with your application. Thats your prerogative. Ebmveb if your spouse is working she is still your dependent. Also in my opinion, whether they don’t apply with you, you are legally required to provide their details.

@Mukesh_Adhvaryu: Thanks for your answer. It asks for people who rely on me for financial support, so yeah, I also think all such people should be included in the list even if they don’t apply with me.

Hey I have the same question, i have selected No for my wife as a dependant. But now she is applying for dependant visa. What did you do in your case?

Hello @bd1076 I also didn’t list my husband as dependent. Was your wife’s application successful?

I ended up cancelling the application and make a new one in which my wife is a dependant, and her application was successful.