GTV dependent visa longer than IHS fee paid. What do I do?

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I need urgent advice. I was recently granted the global talent visa with family (wife and son). I paid for 3 years IHS fees and requested for the same duration which was granted, but I paid for IHS fees of one year for my wife and son (hoping that they will be granted one year period and then we can renew or they move back home for other business if my wife can not get along in the UK). After the application, a friend told me that we will likely be asked to pay the additional fees for my wife/son to be the same with me. However, were not asked to pay the additional IHS fees, in-fact my family were even granted more visa periods than we paid for!
We paid an IHS fee of one year while hoping to renew by next year, but still granted three years similar to myself as the main applicant (I paid for IHS 3 years). What do we do in this situation?
Your sincere advice is highly appreciated. Thank you

That is an odd situation to be in.

First of all, I don’t think you should worry about coming into UK. You have all the legal paperwork to do so.

Secondly, my suggestion is to come and talk to the right authorities (I don’t even know which one is the right) once you are here and figure out the right approach. Either they will tell you to pay the IHS for further years when the first year is up, or ask you to pay 3 years because it aligns with your visa, or (much less probable) let is go as it is likely to be an administrative error on their side.

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Thank you Shreeniwas for your kind response.
We are already in the UK and our BRP duration is the same for us all - 3 years!
Now, I have been calling IHS refund (I wish there is for complaints). They are directing me to UKVI, which we have sent emails and no response. I have tried to call, they keep taking my money (0.69 GBP for one minute), with no success.
I’m not sure what do at this point. I am just thinking that after one year, I just apply for an extension of the GTV dependent and pay the IHS (but I have to pay for new application fees), or simply wait to be contacted by IHS/NHS to pay up. Still not sure what is best! Please kindly advise further. Best regards!

I don’t think you should worry too much about this as this is an error on their part. Your email is an evidence that you have tried to remedy it. They made not respond if they are unsure how to address this anomaly.

Don’t have much to add, as I have no personal experience. I think @Francisca_Chiedu might have a point here.

OK. I spoke with an immigration lawyer in the UK and the same thing was advised. “You can’t do anything unless UKVI contacts you for additional payment…” So, we have to wait!
Thank you Shreeniwas and Francisca.

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The decision maker is absolutely correct in giving 3 years leave to your wife and son in line with duration of your leave. This is as per immigration rules GT 24.1 and GT 24.2. Why weren’t they asked to pay for 3 years IHS, was probably an oversight. However, they will have to pay it eventually. It is your duty nonetheless to be proactive here and make the shortfall good.