GTV Dependent Visa - extension process

Hello TN community,

I am on a Tier-1 Global Talent Visa and my spouse is on the GTV dependent visa.

During my initial stage-2 application (in 2020) - I had applied for 3 years for both - self and her (as far as I remember, I couldn’t have applied for 3 years for self and 5 years for her?). I am sure everyone who has got an exceptional talent endorsement have had to go through this?

Now next year i.e September 2023, I will be eligible to apply for the ILR. But I will have to apply for a 2-year GT dependent visa extension for her.

Can someone help me on how I should go about it? I mean, can I apply for her extension now or should I do it with specific time remaining? What is the process?

I searched online and the links took me to start a ‘fresh’ stage-2 application - but I wasn’t sure, so thought of asking this helpful community. Surely, an extension is a different process flow?

Can someone who has gone through this process advise me? Your help will be much appreciated.


You need yo finish your current visa, and apply for ILR. Once you get your ILR she can apply for years years extension. She can only get a visa based on the validity of your visa. To avoid this for my spouse, even though i was endorsed for exceptional talent, i applied for 5 years, this gives my husband a 5years visa that qualifies him for ILR.


You can apply for ILR if you were exceptional not promise and at the same time you have to extend the partner visa as GT dependant.

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