Global Telent visa: Media presence evidence

I was interviewed on a Nigerian daily about some Tech issues for Quality Assurance Engineers, the article was published today on this site. My name was mentioned and all. My question is, does this count as an evidence?

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what do you mean by quality Assurance Engineer?

I mean Software Tester, They are also called Software Engineer in Test, Software Developer in Test, Automation Engineer, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Quality Assurance Analyst, and so on

Note that evidence of media recognition should include details about the publication and target audience. Where possible evidence should include supporting data such as number of page views, downloads or other quantifiable metrics.

Thank you, I also have a Youtube Channel, can I also use this?

What is the size of viewership, what is the channel about?

I only have 1,030 subscribers currently with over 3000 views and almost over 1,400 watch hours

The Channel is about helping software testers who want to grow in the career and have interest in automation to learn how to automate web applications using the best practices.

I only have 1,030 subscribers currently with over 3000 views and almost over 1,400 watch hours

how long have you had the channel and what is the size of the viewship.

I started the channel in May, 2022, primarily to free myself from numerous DM requests for assistance with one automated script issue or another.

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So will this be a good evidence of media recognition alongside the businessday (kindly help go through it if it is ideal) article? I have not been able to create time for the reporters from Punch and Vanguard yet, I want to write a separate article for those ones.

For the first YouTube evidence your should consider:

  • Whether YouTube channel has been active for a certain duration.
  • Whether the YouTube video is popular and has a significantly large number of views.
  • Whether content on the channel, such as courses and tutorials, has consistently been of high quality and has significantly advanced the sector.

Thanks @May

  • The YouTube channel has been active since last year( when I posted my first video) but I started posting more since May, 2022.
  • It is popular among the Quality Assurance Community, I get emails and DMs thanking me for the videos and requesting for further assistance.
  • How do I measure this third point that you raised?

When considering the evidence you’ll include in your application, it’s important to think about whether it will be considered sufficient. It’s difficult to say exactly what the minimum threshold is, as the panel looks at each application on a case-by-case basis and tends to take a holistic approach in evaluating candidates.

While 3000 views may not necessarily be considered significant on its own, adding context to your videos, such as the impact they had or the audience they reached, could help demonstrate their significance. Keep in mind that Tech Nation does not provide a specific viewership threshold, and that it’s generally more effective to show a track record of viewership over time rather than providing evidence solely for the purpose and timing of your application.


I do believe that proving the third point is subjective, but with evidences such as emails and DMs that you receive, those could hint the contribution to the advancement of the so-called sector.

In addition, it would depend on the sub category that you are applying to i.e. promise or leader.

I want to apply for Leader

Based on what I’ve seen around here, your MC and of course, your OC1 or OC3 have to be really strong to get the leader endorsement. As described on the TC site here:

A ‘leader’ of exceptional talent (or promise) must show extraordinary ability by sustained (or emerging) national or international recognition. The individual will be able to demonstrate a level of expertise (or emerging expertise) which places them at the forefront of their respective field in the digital technology sector.

Your YouTube contributions and viewership should suffice for OC2. But for significant contribution in the sense of impact, you would probably need more that just the newspaper publications.

Although, in a different sub-category, you may want to check out how rich this applicant’s evidences were structured just to give you a fair idea how you package yours as well:

My endorsement details for exceptional promise

Hi @Ademola_Bhadmus, I am a Software tester and I am curious to know if I could also qualify for the tech nation visa, also because I am struggling on how to structure my evidences, while I have worked on several project I dont know do I use emails showing reports, I am hoping to meet someone in this same role who has applied

@Iremide I haven’t applied yet. I just wanted to gather evidence and mine might be a tad different because I am currently in the UK on a different type of visa. I wanna switch to the Global Talent visa.