Global Talent Visa

First of all, I hope you are healthy, I am a game developer living in Turkey and I want to move to U.K. with an Global Talent Visa, but the fees requested by the consulting companies are excessive (2000GBP), is it difficult to apply without a consultant? Or can you suggest a more suitable consultant in terms of price?

@T_T_Burak You can do it yourself, i did it myself. Just read their website to guide you.

Best of luck.

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You can apply without a consultant, just study the guideline and provide the documents to show you meet the criteria. If you can read through posts from other recipients to get some tips on how to apply. All the best!


Thank you, I have a few questions, can you write me on Instagram?

thanks you so much! All the best you too.

Hi, I’m also applying my self but do not have any form of public recognition but have experience working as a developer for companies in EU, UK , Dubai and USA , does that make me qualified to apply ?

Public recognition is not a must but it helps a lot. Your work in many countries also counts a lot. Presenting this in an easy to assess manner is usually the challenge. Study the TN guide online then study it again and again and again and… It will also help you determine for yourself how suitable you are for the visa.

I appreciate the feedback