Global Talent Visa UK ( Exceptional Talent), 2022, Reference Letter Query

Hello Fellow TVF team ,

Need a help for stage 1 preparation, regarding the reference letter ( Evidences)

  • Can I use 2 -3 months old Reference Letter ( If I am delyed to complete submission, but already collected the refernce letters for this specific purpose)
  • In case first time one is rejected, can he/she use the same set set of reference letter that were used first time for stag1 application?

your expertise would truly help me prepare & proceed.


To your first question:
Yes, you can use a 2-3 months old letters, provided the purpose of the letters are for your Tech Nation application. It’s understandable that preparation could take months.

To the second question:
I am not sure because I haven’t done this before, but I think the answer should be yes, because each of your application will be treated as new, no matter how many times you re-apply.

Thanks for clarifying … this really helps !

Just to add, if the old letters do not meet the present requirement for a reference letter then you need to update your letters.

Thanks Francisca …that makes sense.


Is there a place we can get samples of reference letter as a guide ?


Tech Nation does not encourage the use of templates. Your letters must be originally written by the author. Avoid the use of samples.


To echo what @Francisca_Chiedu said - Tech Nation states:

Letters which are deemed by Tech Nation to be duplicates or templates, or closely matching the contents of evidence submitted by other applicants, may be considered fraudulent or not acceptable as evidence for endorsement.

This is why you won’t find anyone on here sharing templates or examples of their letters. The good news is that the Tech Nation guide is incredibly thorough in terms of explaining what they’re looking for in LoR or reference letters. If you are struggling, you can start by listing all the requirements from the guide and then trying to map your accomplishments to them. That may help you and the person referring you.