Global Talent visa – Stage 1

Hi Guys,

Please does anyone has the link to the templates provided by Tech City UK for each required documents, like the one below? Capture.PNG|482x364

Kindly share if you do. Thanks

You are using the wrong website, it Tech Nation not Tech City.

I believe Tech Nation used to called Tech City in the past, so this might be something official but from a significantly outdated past.

At the moment, to the best of our knowledge there are now templates. The documents are purposefully left open ended to provided the vast variety of expected applicants an opportunity to present their cases.

Tech nation used to be called β€˜tech city the UK’ I believe. The templates are just tech nations forms etc. Nothing so serious, the most important thing is to have all your OC and MC.

Hi every one,

Please, I am new here and would like to know if I am eligible to apply. Here is my background.
I hold a B.Tech in Logistics Management Technology, and an MSc in IT Project Management. I have a strong love for IT, I have being working as a data analyst in a manufacturing company for about three years in an executive setting.

Please, am I eligible, if yes under which of the category?

Thank you

We can’t tell if you are eligible. First you need to read the tech nation guide to know if you meet the criteria for endorsement. It is easier if you list your evidence then we can advise or suggest what you can do.

I think you can not outsource reading the tech nation guide to this forum. Take your time read the guide and ask specific questions regarding your supporting documents. All the best.