Global Talent Visa Recommendation Letters

Hello Tech Nation Alumni’s,

My name is Zubair Mohammad and I am an IT professional with around 14 years of experience in Network security and cybersecurity . Currently I am living and working in Dubai,UAE.

The reason for this message is I am planning to apply for tech nation global talent visa endorsement. After going through the website and all the details, one of the requirements is a reference letter/Recommendation Letters we need to submit with the application.

That’s where I am a bit confused and I need some of your help to understand it. Recently I have heard that they are changing some of the rules for the reference/Recommendation letters.

My Question-1:- Do I have to work at the organization for the recommendation letters, or can I provide a recommendation letter from another organization.

My Question-2:- is who should sign the reference letters ? Should the letter come from individual capacity on plain paper without any mention of the signatory company and position or should it come from the company on the letterhead ? I have majorly worked in Multinational companies so if it’s coming from a company on letterhead, the signatory might be someone from human resources as other individuals are not allowed to sign or give any letter on behalf of the company.

My Question-3:-as a security specialist what evidence i need to show.

If you can help me decode this confusion, it would be very helpful to understand how to get reference letters and whom to approach for that.

Please let me know if I can give any more information or answer any question you may have.

Looking forward to your earliest reply.
Thanks ,
Zubair Mohammad.

Hi Mr. Zubair,

Answer to Question 1: First of all, you have to understand that as a rule a recommendation letter is signed by a person (an expert in the field) and not by an organisation. Each letter describes your achievements at one or several companies. It is not obligatory that this person works or has worked at the same company as you. It can also be signed by someone from another company, but this person has to be aware of your accomplishments. Please note that in either case the signer must be a leading expert in your field in particular and/or in the tech industry in general. Preferably, C-Level officer or tech leader. Your direct manager/a colleague from your team/a friend are not elegible.

Answer to Question 2:
The letter MUST be signed by the provider of the recommendation letter. It may come on a plain paper, but the letterhead of the organization, where this person is currently working, is preferable.

Answer to Question 3: To answer question 3, you should provide more information about yourself, because “IT specialist in cyber security field” is pretty vague.

P.S. Your questions indicate that you haven’t thoroughly read the Tech Nation guidelines. Reading them closely will clarify most of your questions.

Hope this helps,

Hi Irina,

Thanks for response.

Hey, did you eventually get an endorsement?