Global Talent Visa Receved - Outside UK


I had applied for Global Talent (Exceptional Talent category) 2 weeks ago

I have received my Global Talent Visa sticker stamped in my passport. But it says Vald from 14-Oct-2023 and Valid untill: 12-Jan-2024. What does this mean ? When I had applied, I applied for 3 years.

Please explain


@chetan.merai It means that sticker is your permission to enter UK, you can use it to travel to UK from 14th October, and make sure you do travel to the UK before the expiry date, 12th January 2024.

When you arrive into the UK, then you will be able to collect your BRP cards. I believe the letter attached must have explained what you need to do to get your BRP when you arrived, and where to collect it.

Hope that helps.