Global Talent Visa Promise Route or Talent Route


I’m a Full Stack Web Developer with 9+ years of Experience. I’m a BE Computer Science graduate. I’m planning to apply for GTV(Tier 1). CurrentleyI’m preapring my recommendation letters and other documents.
I have few queries before starting the process. I heard that there are two different Visa routes in Global Talent Visa 1. Promise Route 2.Talent Route
In which route I can apply for Global Talent Visa.

Recommendation Letters

  1. From my Previous employer
  2. Current Employer
  3. Senior Employee in my current orgnization

Documents Currentley I have.

  1. My Experience letter from my previous employer
  2. Verification of Employment from current employer
  3. College Degree Certificate
  4. My Technical blog which has active users for past 5 years
  5. 2 New course certificates which I have completed couple of months ago
  6. A letter from one of my client, my client company is a Industrial Automation (IoT/PLC/SCADA) based. To prove my innovation in other technology
  7. Reference letter from my College HOD for my acedemic
  8. Reference letter from my College Principal for my contribution in palnning the future technology oriented syllabus

Other Documents
Personal Deceleration

I’m not confident with my Documents. Need your suggetions which are these documents is good and missing mandatory documents. Need your guidence @Shreeniwas_Iyer @pont87

Thanks in Advance.

I think you should start by reading the tech nation guide. The list of documents suggest you are yet to read through the guide.

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How long have you been in the tech? Depends on your number of years and impact made that will decide which route

I have 9+ years of Technical Experience. I’m not an Entrepreneur.

Generally, for your experience range, Exceptional Talent route is advised.
Some of the documents you mentioned may not be highly appealing in itself like the degree certificate, course certificate etc. But you can still package all your academic achievments into a solid story together provided the university is highly reputed and the professor is a rock star in his field etc.
The techical blog can be shown but you should subtanstiate that it has sufficient traffic with some stats.

General rule -
<5 years experience = promise

5 years = talent

You gotta work on your evidence though. Easy hack - see example documents in the guide and use exactly that to fit the criteria.

Similar to this… please, let me have your review, guys…