Global Talent Visa Permanent Residence


One of the requirements for applying to the permanent residence after 5 years is: take paid work in the UK, I have few questions regarding this please:

1-Do I have to take paid work in the UK from the first day ? (I might arrive there then search for a job after arriving)

2-What exactly paid work means, is paying taxes is enough?

Thank you !

You don’t need to be earning whole 5 years. You should be earning in the most recent period from the date you apply for ILR. The most recent period is not specified. Generally, last 6 months or 3 months is a tried and tested period folks have applied ILR with. That doesn’t mean you can not go any more backward to prove your earnings. I hope this helps.

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Paid work means that you can connect your “work” to income. i.e. the income shouldn’t be non-work related - like investment income. If you are working in your profession either directly or through a corporate entity and receiving renumeration either as salary or as dividends from the corporate entity (for professional work), then you are ok.

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Don’t worry, unlike with tier 2 visa you don’t have to be working continuously with Global Talent. Make sure that you earn money in the area of endorsement.

When you apply for the ILR(permanent residence) you’d need to provide recommendation letters from your clients (if you’re contractor) or from the HR (if you’re permanently employed). These letters should state what your everyday duties you get paid for - this should be from your area of endorsement.

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You will need to prove that you have earned money in the :uk: during most recent period of leave. You can prove this by submitting a letter from your accountant covering details of earnings and mentioning field of your work.

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What if you are in the 3rd year of your PhD and switch from Tier4 to Global Talent (Eligible award won), will I have to pay annual taxes on my fellowship?