Global Talent Visa Extension

Hi everyone,

I had applied for GTV extension after being on this visa for two years. I had applied for one year of extension and paid £1200 for it. I received an email today saying that I had received an extension but only for 5 months after my current period expires in February. I’m not sure why is that the case and how can I appeal it. Can somebody please help.



im wondering what you did to resolve this issue! did you contact home office for this?
also what were the required documents for extension?

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Hi Shreya,

I’m interested to know, how you went around this issue.

I’m currently in the same boat, can you please give any advise?


Hi, I had appealed this decision and 8 months later, U.K immigration department has come back to me saying that they won’t reverse their decision as the extension date is applied from the date of extension application. So if your visa expires on jan 2024 and you apply for extension in august for an year , they will extend it for an year starting from august and not jan.


Oh wow

Thanks for the update