Global Talent Stage 2 (switching visa)

Hi All,

I am in a process of applying for Global Talent stage 2 (switching from Tier 2 ICT – Global Talent).

I understand that main applicant can apply for ILR after 3 years and dependents after 5 years (if meeting the requirements)

I would appreciate a response on my below two questions please.

  1. Will it be fine if the Main applicant applies for 3 years Global Talent visa and dependent apply for 5 years initially ? Or should the visa duration for the main applicant and dependent be the same ?

  2. After 3 years if the Main applicant applies for ILR then can dependent continue on the same Global Talent dependent visa or they need to change it to ILR dependent ?

Many Thanks

Hi @Bob2021 - what you’re asking is an immigration/legal advice really. We can try to provide you with our opinions, but please bear in mind that it is not legal/immigration advice at all. We also can be 100% wrong, even when acting with the best intentions.

So, in my understanding/opinion based on reading multiple confusing and contradicting docs, some of which may be outdated:

  1. Dependant’s visa end date cannot be later than the main applicant end date. So you cannot apply for 3 years for yourselves and 5 years for your family. I also believe your visa form will not let you do this even by mistake.
  2. Once you got an ILR - dependants may continue living on their dependant visa or even apply for a visa extension. They may also consider other visa routes (i.e. family visa), but that usually does not make financial (or any) sense.

Please bear in mind that these rules may be changing faster than one can possibly read them, so if unsure - please consider getting help from qualified advisers.

Usual disclaimer: I don’t work for/with Tech Nation, neither I represent Tech Nation.

Thank you for your reply

I did some research on this when I applied for my switch and here is what I understand. @Alex_P is right on (1) as well as on (2). The only point I would like to make is that when extending your dependant’s visa beyond the 3 year point, there is an option to do so without having to change lanes. Best to go through the Gov.UK site on this, or consult an immigration lawyer.