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Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity to share my recent experience regarding the Global Talent Visa (GTV) application process. I believe my insights will be particularly valuable for individuals with a similar profile, as I encountered difficulties in finding comparable experiences during my own application, which proved to be quite frustrating.

To begin with, I was accepted as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate. KTPs are funded by UKRI Innovate UK, and initially, I faced confusion regarding the appropriate route for application. Eventually, I opted for route 3: endorsed funder, with the endorsement provided by UKRI. The Human Resources (HR) department at the university with which I undertook the KTP assisted me by supplying three essential documents. These included 1) a statement of guarantee, specifying that the funding would be provided for a minimum duration of two years, a contract of employment lasting at least one year, and confirmation that the grant amount would exceed ÂŁ30,000. Additionally, they furnished me with 2) pertinent details about the grant and 3) the associated job offer. Armed with these documents, I proceeded to apply for endorsement from UKRI, which, fortunately, only took approximately one week to obtain.

Upon acquiring the endorsement, the subsequent stage involved applying for the visa itself (it is possible to apply for both concurrently). During this step, applicants have the flexibility to choose the desired visa duration, ranging from one to five years. For this stage, the only documents required were the endorsement letter, which essentially served as an email confirmation from the first stage. Additionally, applicants must present their passport and, if applicable, their previous Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if they were residing in the UK before (as was the case for me, having held a student visa previously). Furthermore, I was requested to provide a letter of consent from my previous sponsor, which is mandatory if an individual has received full or partial funding for their studies in the past year. In my particular situation, my university in the UK had provided partial funding through a scholarship, and while I was initially advised that a letter stating my university as the sponsor instead of a government or funding institution and therefore a letter of consent would not be necessary, I decided not to take any risks. Consequently, I sought assistance from the international team at my university, who graciously drafted a letter granting me consent to transition from a student visa to a GTV. This is the case for when you apply from inside the UK, you might need more documents if you are outside the UK such as the TB test…etc. Subsequently, I submitted this document along with the other required materials. In order to expedite the process, I opted for the priority service, and to my delight, received my visa within a single day.

Furthermore, it came to my attention that some individuals had conveyed to me that switching to the GTV prior to graduation would not be possible due to new regulations. However, I can now confirm that this information was incorrect, as I successfully obtained the visa despite not having graduated at the time of the application.

I sincerely hope that the information shared here will prove beneficial to those currently facing or anticipated to face similar circumstances in the future.



Very insightful. Some of my mentees that are still studying here in the UK need this info.

Thank you.

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Hi @Samir

I would love to have your valuable feedback as I am in a similar case, but I won a “Prestigious” prize that is on the Global Talent List. I can directly apply from Stage 2. I am a 3rd year PhD student who will probably go for a 4th. My funding is split between my university paying tuition fees and a foundation covering living expenses. Do I need consent letters from them ?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hi @Samir, please can you confirm if you have seen further edits on your application after you received the endorsement?

I provided it since I received money from university in the last 12 months. But when I asked the question to home office, they said it was ok to answer yes in the application form and provide a written letter saying that since your university is your sponsor, you do not need to provide a consent letter.

I didn’t understand your question.

Many thanks for your precious answer. In my case, then I should just provide a letter saying that I am partially sponsored by the University for tuition fees and partially by the Foundation for living expenses, which are not governments or international funding agencies and none covers both, isn’t it?

By the way, will you need to pay taxes on your fellowship/grant?

I only know for the case of university-funded, Should be the same though.
You can also check with your intern national team at university or explain your situation to the home office and say that counselors are giving different opinions and they might reply to you.

Their email is:

Thank you very much Samir. I emailed them and they told me to reach out to immigration advisors, which are already confusing …

I did not want to take any risk, so I emailed the international tram from my university and asked them to provide me with this letter and they were kind enough to do it. It is just a letter from university that gives you consent to switch to GTV so ask them. Do the same also with the other sponsor, it should be fine.

Thank you for your response. emailed them, they will provide a letter. Once you get the GTV, do you need to pay taxes on your fellowship/living expenses?